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Solar Park is a large 72 hectare  multi use greenfield commercial  at Kalbaskraal , a village 14 kms south of Malmesbury – strategically situated to cover a massive West Cape – Boland – West Coast  area – and there are a wide number of  flexible possibilities to the developers and their needs.

Storage, export/import repackaging,  large premise depot, fruit and food distribution and facility, large unit warehouse, vehicle park and other more specific  applications are possible.

As the area is large and access points are numerous a number of differing applications are expected.

The history of Kalbaskraal  is it is   a small village ( 4000 inhabitants )that is now over 100 years old, brought into existence as a railway station and link area.   The rail link here splits, one line going up to  Saldanha and it’s port, and services the steel roll industry there,  and the other  railway line goes to the Namaqualand area.  This  railway to the north passes through  Malmesbury, and presently serves the limestone/cement quarrying industry to the north. Two passenger trains stop at Kalbaskraal on weekdays.

The Kalbaskraal  railway station ( in decayed condition ) is 600M to the  south of the gate sites. The Railway station has at least one long ground level siding, in use.

The  Kalbaskraal area and village  has become  well known as an area where filming takes place. The 72 hectare multi use Solar Park  site is often presently used as a commercial outdoor filming location, and numerous international films have been shot here.

There are a number of most pleasant dormitory towns and villages within half hour drive from Kalbaskraal, including such famous places as Melkbos -a lovely seaside village with its Pubs and beaches – and the art galleries and restaurants of Riebeeck Kasteel and Darling.

The   N 7 Freeway , a newly  rebuilt double carriage way freeway with well planned and excellent linkages, provides  very good transport links to the north and to the south to Cape Town, and Bellville as well as their industrial areas, and the Cape Town Harbour. It is 2 kms from the freeway to Solar Park. The traffic flow on the N 7 is free and only limited by speed once the N 1 area is reached in Cape Town. It is  40 kms from Solar Park to the N 1 Freeway. All roads in the area are in excellent condition, being amongst the finest in the country.

The area falls under the Swartland Municipality, meaning the rates load is significantly lower than the high  tax cost that industry bears in the  Cape Town area,  where high costs of services for millions of  refugees from the East Cape are borne.

The   whole Solar Park container depot site faces  frontally on to 800M length of good, new secondary tar road, and there is ample space for  a number of wide and long  vehicular access and exits ; indeed  there is space for numerous  separate entrances to cater for companies needing 24 hour control to secondary tar roads.

The Solar Park area is centrally situated to serve the Boland, West Coast and the Cape Town area and its harbor, as well as the Saldanha area and its harbor. Its’ big, it’s useful, its very reasonably priced, it’s flexible, and its available NOW!

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